The Virtues of Wool

For the past 15 years, Julie's Socks has been perpetuating this beautiful hand-crafted tradition of striped socks, which owe their beginnings to our grandmothers' creative wisdom. And wisdom indeed, because of all fibers, wool is the one we love the best:

  • No fiber lets the body breathe better than wool.
  • It efficiently absorbs foot moisture. (Wool can absorb up to one-third of its weight in water!)
  • It insulates the skin from cold and heat, and thereby helps the blood circulate better.
  • It is hyper-allergenic and causes no breathing problems.
  • Wool is soft, long-lasting and ideal for fighting mildew and dust mites.

The wool sheared from a sheep's neck and shoulders is so fine and so soft that socks and even clothes for babies are made of it!

It's truly a creature comfort to indulge in. Having worn Julie's socks for long hours at trade fairs and seminars, I really appreciated the comfort so much that I bought the company (just like Victor Kiam with his Remington!). - Jean-Fran├žois Morency

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